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The book 1776 by David McCullough is considered as a very beautiful master piece regarding history of America Answer

The book 1776 by David McCullough is considered as a very beautiful master piece regarding history of America. It focuses on all the events surrounding the start of the American Revolution. The book mostly revolves around the leadership of George Washington and also of other people like, General Howe, Henry Knox, and Nathanael Greene. The main revolution war battles which are the Battle of Dorchester Heights, the Battle of Long Island, and the Battle of Trenton are discussed in detail. There are also discussion regarding the declaration of independence of America but the main focus of the book is more on the military aspect rather than the political events.


The book 1776 by David McCullough covers different kind of events which took in America. These events started from the announcement of war against the American colonies by King George III in the year 1775 to the great American victory at Trenton in the year 1776. Washington had lead an full big army of American from different backgrounds and ages and all these soldiers were inexperienced and had no proper training to how to perform in wars. The British Redcoats on the other hand were also very much trained and experienced in wars. They were being commanded by the General William Howe. Henry Knox, is a thirty five year old man who is a book seller and Nathaniel Green who is of twenty five both are totally inexperienced general Washington army who plays the commander in chief.

The journey of the book starts with the Battle of Bunker hill where the Americans had suffered a defeat with thousands of British casualties. The Americans recovers from the battle and tries to attack Boston where the Bruisers are caught incidentally. British people than surrender and start to head back to England on their respective ships. The people of America were very happy and fully in high spirit as Washington had earned the greatest of honors.

But this victory couldn’t last any longer as British would oppose with a larger army after recurring from England. This time they had a lower navy that would also leave the Americans shocked. Now the Americans started to retreat to New York and also lost to Boston very easily. But on the other side British were very confident on themselves and thought that Americans are very weak and it would be very easy to defeat them.
As more and more battles were fought the Americans were forced to retreat their way down to New Jersey so as to lose their precious territories along the way. The American army was full of traitors who went long way to prove their loyalty to the King of the Great Britain as they were termed as loyalists. The army had a whole lot of factors that led to the defeats as well as the retreats by General Washington and his people of inexperienced men. The main factor was that the British had full control on the seas because they had a big navy of the powerful ships. Due to this strength of Washington also suffered from the looses at Brooklyn, New Jersey and Fort Washington because the British navy was very strong and their army was also double the size of America.

The defeats and the retreats were seen as Washington’s biggest terrifying nightmare. Due to continuous looses in battle his army had also started to lose faith in him and the people of Congress also didn’t trusts his leadership fully now. But his biggest inner strength was that he always kept his army as one self and even though he doubted himself many times but never showed in front of his army.

There was long and complicated campaigning in now New York’s outer areas as the Americans had left New York and was slowly losing battle after battle until they were crossing the Hudson into New Jersey. From there on George Washington and his tired team started toward south to Newark and then across the areas of Delaware, the congress had already started too fled from Philadelphia to Baltimore. Washington thought the army game was over completely but it would have to be guerrilla warfare in the Alleghenies. But then Howe stopped and blew a whistle for half-time. ( Ascherson, 2006)


The main turning point came when Washington ordered his army so as to cross the Delaware River and the battle of Trenton had also began. The first battle gave some hope to Americans for the root cause after the British migration from Boston in the year 1775. This was termed as the Brilliant strike by Washington as it came as a shocking attack on the British who were defeated badly at Trenton. George Washington was now seen as a great and mythical leader by his army and Congress as he defeated British and also pushed them out of Trenton. George Washington was a famous man who hardly hard to go through and remained opaque. There was also any amount of the secondary proof which that his army liked him a lot due to his gift of being confident and managing his subordinates well.

In comparison to Excellency of George Washington, there were other leaders also who played important role in the wars. Henry Knox played a very appealing character with booming voice and had weight of 18 stones at the age of twenty five. Only in the American Revolution this Billy Bunter can turn into a very wonderful general who began to think up and also carry up through the mad achievement of towing the guns from Ticonderoga and was seen up as one of the victors at Yorktown. ( Ascherson, 2006). Howe had also thrown victory before hand . in august he had let the defeated America escape after the battle of Brooklyn. But also his failure to take Philadelphia when he could was also worse. The British had never grasped that it was good publicity which had kept Washington small army intact by producing new fresh flows of the volunteer reinforcements as well. As soon as Howe’s hard to believe decision was taken, Washington had snatched the great chance and came back across the Delaware and won two small but dazzling victories over Hessian and British forces at Trenton and Princeton. They were anything but decisive in military terms.

This book is over all very well written which describes the war history very beautifully. This book plus point is the illustrated quotations from the letters as well as from the diaries of the men and women on both the sides. The American had witnesses that were very wonderfully observed and also clearly written. These people were very well educated volunteers who had developed a very high standard of living than any other people in the world as wrote beautifully by McCullough. But lowering these subjects has advantages as well as many drawbacks.

The war than finally continued more than sex and half years before the Paris peace treaty started in 1783 and then finally America had achieved their full independence .



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